Based in Wales and
The Welsh Marches.





By Dziga Vertov, 1929 (Ukraine)

Saturday FEBRUARY 18th at 7.30pm, Llanwarne Village Hall. 

Llanwarne Village Hall and Wales One World Film Festival 

invite you to a screening of one of the most exciting and important films in the history of cinema!

Accompanied by LIVE MUSIC from improvisational soundscape 

duo TORU with Lyndon Owen on electronics/acoustics 

& Ashley John Long on double bass


Introduced by Dr Clive Myer, former Director of

the International Film School Wales


Entrance £6 - please book on (Llanwarne)



Good News:

The Mire Archive won 'Best Original Story' and Maurice El Medioni: The Birth of PianOriental has won 'Best Sound Design'at the 2022 Budapest Film Festival!

Since our recent award of 'Best Music in a Feature Documentary' for Maurice El Medioni: The Birth of PianOriental at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival 2020 our four most recent major films - The Orchard, The Portrait, Maurice El Medioni and The Mire Archive have all been taken up as Video On Demand on the new Global Cinema Channel, which launched on April 15th 2021. Here's the link to the films:

We hope you'll enjoy watching them and would welcome any comments or feedback to

Keep safe

Clive and Lynda

The Mire Archive  The Orchard
 Maurice El Medioni: The Birth of PianOriental  The Portrait
 Dorothy Carrington Song of the Falklands